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Our team uses Neutron inside our main product ReviewBasics. That is a really big Visual Studio 2005 solution (55+ projects), including several Neutron projects. In other words, our team is “building next generation Rich Internet Applications that combine Flash on the front-end and .NET on the server-side”, as the home page of Neutron website says.

Currently our flash front-end uses some quite big 3rd-party AS2 libraries which are referenced to Neutron projects (see the note below). The classes within the libraries participate in code complete operations, so it takes some time for IntelliSense database initialization while the project is loading.

Note: Neutron supports Zip reference feature that allows you to link an external library as a zip file, and Neutron automatically unzips and references classes within.

Actually, such possibilities are not needed for our server-side .NET part of the team. Most of them never touch the AS2.0 code. All they need is to compile this code while rebuilding the entire solution.

Well, that can be easily switched off. To disable IntelliSense database creation on project loading go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’ in the main Visual Studio 2005 menu. Select ‘Projects and Solutions’ -> ‘Neutron Project Settings’ in the appearing Options dialog, and uncheck ‘Enable IntelliSense’ checkbox. Next time the projects will be loaded without IntelliSense initialization phase.

In addition, on this option page you can set the path, where MTASC compiler is located. That can be useful if you want to compile with HAMTASC instead. See How To: Substitute MTASC with HAMTASC tutorial.

Also, you can manage cache directory for ZIP references used in your Neutron project.



~ Dmitry


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I didn’t watch all of them, but those few that I watched are done very well.



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